Saturday, February 27, 2010

REALLY ready to run!

Ok, 20 minutes to go....
I've eaten half the Larabar (100 calories of nuts, fruit) and had a cup of water.
JJ is going to meet me at mile 7 with my cliff shot and some watered down G2.
I've got my playlist ready....

and I mapped my run!

I know, my playlist has some good 'running' music, but sometimes I like to have some mellow stuff to just calm myself down with. I can't stay hyped up for 2 hours. When I need a boost, I switch songs, but I also like to have some calming stuff to just kind of keep it going...
Alright, 6:45... I'm out. Send me your good run vibes :)


  1. Yay good luck!! You're gonna feel so good after:)

  2. I hope it goes great. Sounds like you have a good plan all worked out. I am so impressed with your running endurance! I used to run more and I know I have done good distances in the past but these days a couple of miles is all I can handle!

  3. well'd it go? I like your playlist, gave me some good ideas!

  4. Good luck! I'm sure you're successfully finished and relaxing at home by now--the half next weekend will be a piece of cake!

  5. Hope you have a good run! (probably had now, as it is almost noon, and you are not that slow ;) )

  6. GOOD LUCK. let us know how it goes

  7. Good luck! 11 miles is far... you are such an inspiration!