Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 10: I Do Declare it's COLD!

This morning I got up at 8am. I left to go on a run. First my Nike+ wasn't working (maybe I have a defective one???), so for the first half a mile I was stopping and starting and stopping and starting. I was also freezing. So I did what I really didn't want to do, I turned around and ran home. I did 1 mile.

Because I was warmed up and wanting to do something, I decided to do the first 4 circuits of No More Trouble Zones and watch an episode of The Office that was in the DVR. Since I have the moves memorized, I usually just do 12 sets of each exercise 2 times per circuit (the ab moves I do 24). It makes working out more fun because I don't have to watch Jillian, I can watch TV or a movie or listen to music. I had this episode of the office going, "Murder." Michael starts everything he says with his Savannah accent and "I do declare..."

I considered going for a run after church, but I didn't want to have to shower again. After church we usually go out to lunch, but today I suggested we just work on cleaning out the fridge to save money and use up groceries. I had some leftover tomato soup, green beans with a sprinkle of romano, a Boca chicken patty with BBQ sauce and 2 clementines. It was random, but good!

I had intended to work on cooking for Book Club tomorrow and baking for my brother in law's birthday, but our sink started leaking. My father in law and JJ worked on it, and it took much longer than expected. They fixed it - yay! - but we had to go out to dinner because everything was all in disarray. We decided on Mama Fu's because
it's fast and close to home. I usually get the basil/vegetable spring rolls in rice paper and wonton soup, but JJ wanted lettuce wraps. I also was so cold, and in the mood for a big warm dish of something.  I love to play with the hot sauces and concoct the perfect mix

I ordered Kung Pao tofu, which had strips of tofu, water chestnuts, carrots and snap peas in a spicy sauce with peanuts and brown rice. I immediately cut the rice in half so I wouldn't eat it all, it's a huge portion! The food was good, but too saucy. I know a lot of the calories in stir fries are in the sauce, so I tried to scrape some off as I ate.

One of my problems is I eat too fast. One of the ways I've learned to change this is to eat with chopsticks. However, since I'm constantly eating with them, I've gotten quicker and better at using them... except with the rice. But that's a good thing!

Tomorrow is going to be just another Monday at work, but tomorrow night I'm hosting my book club!
I will not be working out tomorrow, so I need to keep my calories low. I just realized that my 15k is in 2 months, so I need to start working on running further than 6 miles AND I need to start running at least 3x per week rather than 2x like I have been for the past few weeks. Since the days are getting longer again, I should be able to start running after work 2x per week (even if it's just a quick 2-3 miles). Pumpkin will be happy, I always take her on those runs!

Hope you all had a nice weekend :)


  1. Your Nike+ must be defective- I've never had any problems with mine like that- I'm so sorry because I feel like it's ruining the Nike+ experience :-/

  2. I love your random lunch! That is what Sunday lunch was always like growning up... ah, memories!

  3. Doing the NMTZ circuits while watching TV is a good idea. I almost have them memorized, and that would be good motivation for me to do them!

    I also eat way too fast!

  4. I eat It's sad. I really need to slow down. My Aunt Fonda is the slowest eater ever. I swear, she chews every bite like 100 times before she swallows! I should try that ;)

  5. I eat waaay too fast too!

    Lettuce wraps are amazing!

  6. I love your glasses! They are so cute on your face.