Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 15: Ahh, Friday... I'm so glad you're here!

I'm so happy it's Friday. Not only so I can get some rest and relaxation this weekend to cure this awful sickness, but because I need to catch up on life! Usually during the week I pay my bills as they come, do some light cleaning, laundry, and errands... but being sick has prevented me from doing all of that. I literally have come home every night, made an easy dinner, then rested. I finally decided to sort through the mail today and tackle the laundry.

Both the lights and darks hampers were totally full, as well as the laundry basket for transporting them. So I'm about halfway through the 5 loads right now. How does JJ produce so much laundry!? I'll never know...

What I do know is Pumpkin is notorious for finding freshly folded laundry and rolling around in it, so I have to make sure she doesn't get up on the bed while I'm folding. If I'm there, she'll just watch me, but if I leave her, she makes a mess. So here she is, acting like an angel, but I know if I leave her in our bed, she'll scratch the clothes into a big pile and plop herself down in the middle.
(please excuse the unmade bed... looks comfy though, huh?)

So let's see... weekend plans are:

Saturday morning - new member class at church
Saturday afternoon - grocery shop, post office, bank, buy a scale and hopefully a 4 mile run
Saturday night - clean the house and cook a decent dinner

Sunday morning - run 4 miles, church, Sam's club
Sunday afternoon - Granddaddy's birthday lunch
Sunday night - Organize tax documents, write up the first Symon Sundays blogging group event email

Hope you all have a nice, enjoyable weekend. And I'm jealous of all who have Monday off ;)


  1. Thanks for the kind words. Have a great (busy) weekend.

  2. My dog does the EXACT same thing! And if I'm lazy and leave clothes that need to be ironed in a laundry basket overnight he will curl up in them and sleep there. He's really shed-y so that usually means I'll end up having to wash them again. Silly pups! Also, Pumpkin is so stinking cute!!

  3. Ahhh laundry ... grrrrr! I usually have 7-8 loads a week. There's my work and exercise clothes, my husbands work clothes (he has a clean job and a dirty job), my son plays soccer, and I have a 13 yr old daughter (need I say more). I don't wash sheets & blankets nearly often enough because I just can't keep up with the regular laundry. I know a lady who has 6 kids and owns a dairy farm ... she never stops doing laundry. She says it's at least 2 loads PER day.

    One day I'm gonna have to name a dog Pumpkin. I smile every time I hear that name.

  4. Emma does the same thing...she even will jump in the basket if I don't watch her!