Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 26: Waiting on the world to change

So I'm not the kind of girl who gets political on the blog. However, I think there is a huge difference in getting political, and showing compassion for those in need. In my opinion, borderlines don't matter. When someone is in need, whether they live in America, Haiti, Guatemala, or anywhere in the world, I will do what I can to help them out.
Today one of my coworkers, one of my favorites even, said to me, "How can we give 58 million dollars to Haiti when there are people in this country without healthcare and food?"
Now I know, there's no way to fix everything, and I believe that many people are doing the best they can, but I can't help but think we all can do a little bit more. Of course, there are people in this country without jobs and insurance, but people in Haiti have nothing. Absolutely nothing. No water, no food, no roof, no toilets... nothing. And I don't care that they're not American. They're people, they're children of God, and I will offer my help to them the same as I would anyone here.

I know I am heavily influenced to be this way because of my parents and the church. One of the biggest draws to my new church here in Jacksonville is it's worldliness. The Lutheran Church has really been taking the initiative to be a stronger presence in the world, uniting us all.
Right now, my dad is in Guatemala on a mission trip with the church. They are working to open a school, as well as spend time with the church there and it's mission. I am so proud of my dad for all he does, and for the great influence he has been on me. Sadly, Guatemalan houses look so similar to the wrecked houses I keep seeing on TV in Haiti, and it breaks my heart.

Now I know, I talk about it a lot, but a super easy way to help out without even going out of your way is buying Fair Trade products! My dad sent me this Guatemalan Fair Trade coffee for Christmas. It's a breakfast blend, which I'm always weary of (I like the dark, muddy stuff!), but it was actually pretty dark and complex in taste. I loved it! And I love the fact that it's organic and Fair Trade.

On to the lighter things....
For the past few months, my rings have been getting bigger and bigger. I finally decided to get them sized. I am really lucky that by moving to Jacksonville I have in-laws that know everyone in St. Augustine, and my boss and co-worker know everyone in Jacksonville. So I asked my co-worker where to take my rings, and he told me one of his best friends is a jeweler. My rings are family heirlooms, so I'm extra careful with them, I don't trust just anyone!
So when I got there, Denise sized me and my rings are 7's. My new ring size....5! It's so crazy to think about all of the things that change when you lose weight. Even my fingers are getting thinner!
The only sad part is my rings won't be ready for about 2 weeks, so I'll be naked until then!
Here are some photos of them, so pretty :)

Today was the first day my friend and now doggy-sitter came over. It made me feel so much better knowing my girls would get a potty break and some human interaction while JJ and I were at work! They had a decent report card for their first day. I was worried Pumpkin would bea nut job, but she was good, and so was Belle! It turns out my little Char was a scardey cat, and hid under the bed! She's a little timid with new people....but I think she'll eventually warm up!
Here she is doing what I call "the otter" pose.

After work I had a meeting at The Sun Dog, where the Bite Club will meet Monday for our next event. It's on the east side, and I work on the west side. By the time I had my meeting and got home, packed lunches and made dinner, it was 8:30! I feel so off now, I haven't worked out, I'm tired, and I can't see it happening tonight :(
However, tomorrow I plan to kick my butt and do No More Trouble Zones. Lou and I are planning to run Thursday after work, so I should still be ok for a pound lost on Friday. Cross your fingers!

So after dinner, I remembered to check the mail. I had a package! It was a box full of amazing goodies for me to try on my dry skin! Thank you SO MUCH to Pam for coming to my rescue :) Now it's not cold here anymore, but it is quite sunny, so the face products with SPF in them will be very useful. Also, my hands are still so dry, so I can't wait to try it all out. So far I'm loving the C.O.Bigelow Chapped Hands Remedy.
I love her blog, it's always so fun and cute, and isn't her wedding dress so gorgeous?

Well I'm off to clean the kitchen and head to bed. It's been a long day, but I feel like things are on track weight-wise this week, so I'm pretty happy!


  1. I COMPLETELY agree with you on the Haiti thing. I am disgusted by the attitude that we should only help Americans. So what if we happen to share a country of origin? Ugh. How about we eliminate pork and excessive government spending, instead of complaining about aid to an impoverished country that just experienced a devastating natural disaster.

  2. Awesome gifts.

    I 100% agree with you about the "political" issue. Yes, we have issues in this country that need attention, but for goodness sakes, there are people, human beings, who are in desperate need of assistance. I think our problems and issues can be put into better perspective.

    I also had to get my rings resized, after losing weight.
    I talk with my hands, a lot, and my rings would go flying off.
    I really could not believe that my fingers were that fat, and that they got so much smaller.

  3. I also completely agree with you on the political issues. I've been seeing a lot of posts like that on Facebook from people I wouldn't have expected it from either, and it shocks me. I even heard this uplifting story on the radio the other day that a group of homeless people (can't remember where) were going door to door to collect donations and supplies to send to Haiti! They interviewed a couple, and they said they knew they didn't have much, but they knew Haiti was in quite a predicament. Doesn't get more humble than that...

  4. Thank you for sharing your passionate thoughts on Haiti... I feel the same way.

    WOW! 2 ring sizes...that is awesome!

    I'm glad you loved everything! Hope you find something that really works for you! :)

  5. I've never commented on your blog before despite being an avid reader for quite some time!

    But, you had two things in this blog I had to comment on. First, ring size. I was so shocked when I was talking with my hands one day (as I do ALL the time) to find my engagement ring almost flew off my finger. It really is crazy to think that could happen. And your new ring size is what mine went down to as well. That's so awesome!

    Second, LOVE that picture of your little Char. My little girl dachshund does that pose also--we call it the prairie dog. I have two dachshunds and they are just the sweetest dogs!

  6. mmm, yes, that's a sticky topic, but I agree with you. We need to help as many people as we can, even by doing just the smallest things (like you metnioned fair trade, organic etc).

    oh, and p.s. BEAUTIFUL rings :)

  7. The ring is beautiful!

    I agree that humanity isn't confided in boarders. I feel like a lot of my job is charity work. I teach at a low, low income school where most kids get free and reduced lunch. But even those kids who have very little understand the needs of people. I started them on a Presidential Writing unit today and we're writing about what each would do if they were President. Every kid understood that basic things like a home, a job, food, medicine to some people (and themselves) aren't a given.

  8. Your ring is beautiful! Yeah for needing it sized! It will feel so much better!

  9. I usually don't comment on this blog, but I'm loving all of your posts. From another point of view, I agree with you about the Haiti thing, but it's frustrating being a leader of a community that needs a LOT of help and having trouble getting people excited about doing anything. But when something like the earthquake in Haiti happens, everyone wants to give money and do something about it. I certainly wouldn't advocate choosing one thing (donating to Haiti) versus another (helping people in your own backyard). Our world obviously needs both.
    And your rings are gorgeous!

  10. Oh! And my cat does that same pose as your dog and we call it the "meerkat" pose, like when you see meerkats peeking out of their holes in the desert.