Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2: This really is going to be a good New Year!

This morning I slept later than I have in the longest time... I think I got up around 9:15am. Going to the game, watching games, and going on a run yesterday really took it out of me!

I set out on my regular 4.3 mile run with my Nike+ going. When I got to the first mile, I checked to see what my pace was, and realized that it was keeping time, but no pace or mileage! I reset it and it started again.... but when I got home, I realized that again it clocked my time but no mileage. I thought maybe my reciever was broken, but I restarted it once more and it started clocking like normal... so hopefully it will work tomorrow!

So I did my 4.3 miles in 47:37, which is my best time yet! It was a great run. I felt like I was running well, it was cool with a breeze, sunny, around 45 degrees.
Here are my graphics, it's nice to see I ran .03 miles in 48 minutes... haha

When I got back I stretched for a while, but my calves were still really tight. I had JJ roll my legs, and he found quite a few knots in my quads and calves. They felt much better after the rolling though.

Later this afternoon we went out to run some errands. I had to stop by Barnes and Noble to get Chef Michael Symon's "Live to Cook". I will be blogging through the cookbook in 2010 (and throughout the next few years - I'm really excited about this book because I can tell it will really expand my culinary horizons and cooking technique. There will be a few fish recipes I'll be trying out as well as many bacon variations as that's Chef Symon's favorite food. I'm going to need to make sure I do long runs on the bacon-y days!

While we were there I saw 2010 calendars were 50% off. JJ told me he'd get me a calendar for Christmas, but he forgot, so I was forced to choose one for myself. This calendar is on the fridge, and keeps track of family birthdays and JJ's travel schedule. It's pretty visible and important. I sifted through all of the calendars, and most of what was left was horses, chihuauas, fancy cars, comic book heroes and....

This really is going to be a good New Year! I'll get to check out Rob every day :)

We invited Leah and Jay over for chili and football tonight. We usually go out to dinner and then back to our house or we eat here, and I end up putting my pajamas on while everyone else is dressed nicely. Leah asked if we could make it a PJ night, so we did!

I love relaxing Saturdays.
Pumpkin does too!


  1. I love Chef Symon - I loved Besch too, so it was a tough draw, but Symon was awesome. :) I can't wait to read about your reviews!

    Great run too - you're kicking it into gear Ms. Ashlee!!

  2. lol love the edward calendar :) bliss 24/7/365 - that's what i'm talkin' 'bout!

  3. PJ nights sound awesome and I love the calendar!