Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 21: Anticipation

I don't have a lot to say about today. It was pretty normal. I was in really high spirits for some reason. I'm getting nervous about weighing in tomorrow. It's only been 5 days, but I want to keep my weigh-ins on Friday, so oh well. I just hope I'm in the 160's. I'll only have to lose .1 lbs : )
However, today I started getting all crampy and bloaty, I ended up not exercising. I'm almost over being sick, but now I'm PMS-ing. I hope that doesn't affect my weight. I've been drinking lots of water, hopefully that will help the bloat.
So happy tomorrow's Friday. Off to watch the office...


  1. Oh, me too, me too!! I'm so hoping to be in the 160s too, as I weighed in at exactly 170...I'll cross my fingers for you if you cross yours for me! :)

  2. My hubs came home sick from work yesterday, so I didn't get to work out either. He reverts to about 5 years old when he doesn't feel well. I am not working today though so the plan is to get in a good workout! Good luck with your weigh in!

  3. Yeay! Weigh in day (these days are always the best day or wost day of my week, for obvious reasons).

    Glad you're almost over being sick - I've been stuck with a vicious cold all week and I'm getting attacked by viruses left right and centre - this is my 6th cold of the season! Ugh.

    Hope you ahve a good weigh in and a good day - Cheers to the weekend!

    previously plump... in progress

  4. Good luck!!! I know how exciting it'll be to see that SIX in there! If you don't make it, don't sweat it... I always give myself a couple of bloat pounds during PMS :-)