Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 24: I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

Last night after I finished my post, JJ said he wanted to go to a movie. I was half asleep, but agreed because we had been meaning to go see Sherlock Holmes. I told him we'd have to stop at Starbucks first if there was any way I'd make it through the movie. So I got a grande Soy Misto (half coffee, half foamy milk). I chugged it by the time we got to the movies, and we went to go buy our tickets. However, when we got to the booth, there was a sign that said they were experiencing audio problems with Sherlock Holmes! Ugh. So we looked to see if any other movies were playing at 9:30, but the next movie times we were remotely interested in seeing weren't until 10:30, and that was just too late.
So we went home.
I was worried I'd be up all night because of the coffee, but as soon as we got home at 10, I climbed into bed and passed out. I think the run and being a little sick left me exhausted!

This morning I woke up around 7, but stayed in bed until 7:45 and snuggled with the dogs. Then I set out on my run. It was ok, my knee was getting really sore, I think it's because I've got new shoes and they're not worn in yet. However, tomorrow will just be strength training, and I'm not running again until Thursday.
I took 2 walk breaks, one was to cough and spit...ew. One was to rest my knee for a minute and stretch it out. My time was ok, not the best, not awful. I am now a level orange on Nike+, but if my other runs that it didn't pick up had been counted, I'd have 12 more miles registered! Oh well.

JJ had to work early this morning, so I was on my own going to church. Today's forecast was 75 and sunny, so I put on my most favorite dress and new shoes I got for Christmas! The dress is getting way to big on me now though! Oh well, I'll have to find a new dress. JJ took a photo, but Pumpkin was a little spastic because I was leaving. Look at that air!

I sat down to take a picture with all 3 girls, and they trampled me! JJ got a shot of the little ones pulling my dress up, and I freaked out. But then when I looked at it closer, I was like wait a second... my legs actually look kinda good! I have always hated my legs, my theighs tend to hold a lot of my weight, so I never wear anything remotely short (including shorts).... but after seeing this photo, I can tell that running is actually making a difference on my legs! (Sorry if this super white-legged photo grosses anyone out... haha)

After church, I headed over to my farmer's market. It was gorgeous! I love going there every Sunday.

I came home with some cherries, peppers, plums, lemons and asparagus for ten bucks!

The farmer's market is in the parking lot of Whole Foods, so I ran in there to get something to make for lunch. I found this new kind of tofu, and decided to make a chopped slaw salad. The tofu had a great pineapple and ginger flavor to it, so I made a salad with slaw, cucumber, tomatoes, almonds, pineapple, tofu and ginger soy dressing.

The rest of my day was spent cleaning, making cupcakes for a coworker, making dinner, cutting out coupons and now JJ and I are going to eat dinner and watch football.

Overall it was a great weekend, I got so much done, got in 2 great runs, and also spent lots of time relaxing and hanging out with the dogs and hubs!


  1. Your farmer's market loot looks amazing!

    I hope you feel better, soon.

  2. The fresh fruit and veggies look so yummy! I am in Canada and I don't think even have cherries anywhere, let alone plums that look that juicy! I was at the grocery store today and we finally have peaches and a few plums, but they looked like they rode in a semi for a few days! I can't wait until its summer here and we have the option to get homegrown fruit and veggies!!

  3. I'm so jealous of where you live!!! It's rainy and cold up in KY. Yay for your favorite dress getting loose! I must say those heels are super cute!!!!

  4. You should feel pretty! You look awesome and that is a great dress!
    My husband begged me to bake something for him tonight so I am trying out the cherry cheesecake tartlets from your cooking blog. I love your blogs...both of them!

  5. The dress looks nice!!

    I am SO incredibly jealous of the warm weather you're having - especially of that haul from your farmer's market!! Oh, jealous jealous JEALOUS.

  6. I missed commenting on your post the other day and wanted to make sure come back and say CONGRATS on the new weight decade! Hope you feel better soon and get over this cold. :(

  7. Love that dress! When one of my favorite dresses got way too big, I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it (it was vintage, so I knew I'd never find another one like it). So, I found a great tailor who made it fit like a glove again for around $40. Something to consider!

  8. That dress is adorable....and the shoes! LOVE!

  9. You should feel pretty. You look great! And you give me hope that I may like or at feel better about. I am on week 3 of Couch to 5k and I am looking forward to my workouts so I am excited about that. Love the new shoes!

  10. That does sound like a fabulous weekend! Ah, sunny warm weather... I Miss that (I live in Ontario Canada)... it's not below freezing today, I'm happy about that, but what I would give for sunny, warm, weather....

    p.s. great runs!

  11. The dress is so pretty! It's great when clothing gets big.

  12. What great weather you've been having! And...umm...I would love to have your legs! :)