Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 16: Alright, Florida! Now we're talking!

This morning when I woke up to let the dogs out, I was still in a fog, congested, and feeling awful. Then I opened the door, and it was not cold. It was pouring down rain, but it felt kind of nice out! Amazing! My mood instantly lifted.
Yesterday I was talking to Vickie (co-worker from Indiana), and she told me that the auditors were at the Y, so it's been a crazy week. Last year when the auditors came, I was so horribly sick, but I made myself go to work because I organized all of our workpapers, and they needed to work with me.
So a year ago today, I was sick like I am now. Ironic in a crappy way, huh?

So anyway, this morning we had to be up early for the new member class at church. It was really nice! They told us they'd have breakfast and lunch, but I know from church meals that they're not usually healthy... so I ate a chobani blueberry and had some coffee at home. When I got there, I ate a bite of egg casserole and half a banana.... and more coffee.
We've been going to this church for about 6 months, but it was nice to really learn about all of the mission work and committees. I'm not sure exactly how I'll get involved yet, but I see some ways.
For lunch they had subs, potato salad, and pea soup. I had a small piece of a turkey sub and some soup. When we got home, JJ left for work. I decided to go on a 2 mile run, just to see how my body would react. It felt like I was really dragging and running slow ( and of course my Nike+ wasn't working on pace/mileage...). It turns out I actually ran it pretty quickly considering how awful I felt. I think it's because it was nice and warm out, I mean, look at what I wore!!! It was about 75 degrees, overcast and windy. I'm hoping to get up at a leisurely time tomorrow morning and go for a 3.75 of 4.3 mile run, just depends how I feel around the 2 mile mark, when I have to make the decision on taking one road or another. I'm going to plan on taking the 4.3 mile route because I haven't done 6 miles since December 27, and I need to do it next weekend!

I learned how to use the timer on my camera - yay! It's been a while since I ran in a tank and was sweating! JJ got me this running tank for Christmas...I tend to not ever buy V-neck things... but he probably didn't even notice. I kind of felt a little exposed... but the tank is cute, and I won't get bad tan lines!
After my run, I snuggled up with the dogs on the couch and saw that Twilight was on demand. Now I own the DVD, and I've watched it a million times, but for some reason watching it on demand seemed really exciting... I don't know.

I'm about to go make us some dinner, JJ's on his way home. Hope everyone had a great Saturday! Tomorrow I'm going to buy a scale, so weigh-in will be Monday morning - eek!


  1. Love the new tank...glad you got a uplifting run in!

  2. Doesn't it feel good to sweat again? You really need to call Nike about your +!