Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 13: January Oats of the Month!

Today has been ok. I had another fiasco with water (sink was leaking on Sunday). When I got home from work, my neighbor told me that he saw water gushing out of the side of the house. He said it was coming from our sprinkler system line, and not the house, so that was good! He turned the water off for us, which I'm so thankful to have observant and kind neighbors!
So anway, we'll have to add fixing the sprinkler system pipe to the list of things to do!

For this evening, still feeling sick and useless, I decided to watch a movie. There are quite a few good ones on demand right now, which is nice. I decided to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic. I read all of the books a few years ago, and saw the movie about a year ago, and thought they were cute. Becky started to get a little annoying, but it's an easy read.

So I think I've posted a few times that I have oats for breakfast every morning. I used to have instant, then I switched to rolled, and a few months ago I made the switch to steel cut. They are a bit more work, but they keep me much fuller longer because they're whole oats, unlike instant which are cooked and cut and dried.

I love to make them all kinds of ways with all kinds of flavors, so I'm going to post a seasonal oatmeal of the month.
This month's is pearberry. I love pears, and they're in season right now! Also, what pairs better with pear than raspberry?? These oats are great, filling and full of flavor.

Pearberry Oats
Makes 8 servings

7 cups water
1 3/4 cups oats
3 tbsp. brown sugar
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. vanilla extract
pinch of salt
2 pears, sliced
1 cup raspberries
2 cups milk, divided

Add water to a large nonstick pot, bring to a boil.
Add oats, turn to medium, whisk continuously for 20 minutes.
Turn heat to low, add brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, salt and pears.
Cook for another 10 minutes, stirring every few minutes.
Turn heat off, add berries, fold in.
Pour into a casserole dish.
Refrigerate until serving.

To reheat, add 1/8 of the oats to a bowl (once cooled, I score out 8 portions in the casserole dish for easy portion control during the week).
Microwave for 2 minutes, add 1/4 cup of milk, stir and eat!

Each portion has roughly 207 calories


  1. I eat banana & peanut butter steel cut oats everyday for breakfast. I don' t think I will ever get sick of that combination.

  2. That looks DELICIOUS! I have steel cut oats and raisins many mornings, and you're right, they definietly keep you full for longer! I'm going to have to try the pearberry, though, and I definitely like your idea of making it ahead for the week...I'm always trying to hurry my little pot along to boil mine up!

  3. hope you get to feeling better pronto!! i read about 30 pages of confessions of a shopaholic and had to quit b/c the main character made me SO annoyed with her careless spending, lol!

  4. This looks really good, I'm definitely going to try it. I think it'll be relatively low in Weight Watchers points too :) Thanks for sharing, I'm so glad I've found your blog!

  5. Really looks like something good. I wish everyone in our house ate Oatmeal!

  6. Oh, I see you said to have 2c. milk but you only used 1/4c to reheat.Where did the other 1-1/2 c. go?

  7. I add 1/4 cup. milk to the oats each time I eat them, so 1/4 cup each day for 8 servings is the 2 cups. Sorry, I'll edit the directions!

  8. I am addicted to your pumpkin puree oats. Now I make it with organic sweet potato puree too. Thanks for the tip!

  9. Oh Yum!
    Steel cut oats are my fave breakfast thing (or any time of day thing). I am absolutely going to try this one :)

    Thanks for the recipe and the motivation!!!

    previously plump... in progress