Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 30: Running Highs and Weight-Loss Lows

This morning when I woke up, I felt like I was still really full, puffy, and in a food coma. After Chinese Thursday night and Bucca last night, I really messed myself up for the weigh-in. When I stepped on the scale, I knew it was going to be bad. I gained .3 lbs., and ended up at 169.7. I'm pretty bummed that I let myself go, but that's life. So I decided to set aside my disapointment, and kick some butt on my run.
As I was running, I was thinking about what I can do this week to stay on track. First, I decided to make today extra clean in my eating. I usually eat a very clean diet, but I wanted to make sure that today I especially paid attention. I wanted to be sure to drink a lot of water, get some of the sodium out of my system.

So on to the run, I had planned to do 7 miles, my longest run to date. I was excited, and ready to go, but still a little nervous. Well, I did it! And it was a great run. I felt really good, wasn't too tired, my legs felt strong and my lungs finally felt normal (as in, no longer sick and phlegm-y). Here are my results, my favorite is the 899 calories... come on Nike+, you can't give me 1 more calorie?!  At the end, Lance Armstrong congratulated me on my longest run to date.

After my run, I stretched a little, started some laundry, and ate breakfast. After a long run, I feel kind of full and tense, so I don't like to eat much. I went with a Blueberry Chobani and a Gala apple (organic gala apples were on sale for .99/lb at Whole Foods, score!) and a giant glass of ice water.

In traditional Saturday fashion, I set out for the grocery store next. I always stop at Starbucks and get a Venti Iced Coffee with Soy Milk. Delicious as always, and gives me a little caffeine to perk up after the run.

I have an awesome menu planned for the week, so I was excited to go grocery shopping. I stayed close to the weekly budget, I have $10 left to spend at the Farmer's Market tomorrow. I found organic pumpkin on the clearance shelf, so I got 4 cans for my oatmeal - major grocery score!

When I went to Whole Foods for the weekly groceries, I decided to make a giant salad like last week for lunch today. I found my favorite tofu there, Indian Masala sprouted tofu. It has great flavor and texture. I love this stuff!

For lunch, I had a slaw salad with tomatoes, red pepper, tofu, and a dressing made with low-sodium soy sauce, peanut butter, honey and sriracha. I also had a glass of unsweetened iced tea and grapes. It filled me up because of the bulk. There was a ton of food there (well, cabbage....) It's very clear that I've been overeating because I really haven't been hungry today, and after a 7 mile run, I should be. I should not be eating so much that after 5-6 hours I'm not a little hungry. I like to feel hungry around meal-time, it means I'm on track!

After lunch, JJ got home from work. When he asked me how many miles I did, this is what I said!

He was very happy to see I was wearing my Rabies Awareness Fun Run t-shirt. He got it for me for Christmas, and was really excited about it. It's a little snug (small?! why, JJ... why) but oh well... it makes me laugh. The guy at Whole Foods actually thought it was serious, and asked me if Dogs carry rabies more than any other animal... I would venture to guess raccoons?? I don't know... haha

For dinner, in keeping with my super clean and healthy day, I made spiced lentils, a carrot ribbon salad, naan and yogurt. It was really healthy and delicious. After I blog, I'm going to have a bowl of cherries.
I'd say today was a great success in getting back on track after the past few days. I'm still pretty upset with myself for only exercising 3x last week and for eating out two times... this behavior is NOT going to get me to -100! However, today was wonderful, and if I work on perpetuating this feeling of great, I can keep it going!

So a few random things...
Meredith asked about our date nights. Last night's date night wasn't planned because JJ's job is so random and he'll end up having to work or getting out early at the last second... so usually he'll call me and say hey, I'm getting off early, let's go out! However, when he's out of season, we will try to plan a date night ahead of time so I can reserve calories and not working out.... this happens about once a month. Our dates are usually dinner and then a movie, bowling, baseball games, etc.
I think it's really important to have date nights. I hate to say, but often times we end up eating dinner seperately or in front of the TV, we don't see eachother much when he's in season, and it's nice to have time to catch up.

Kelly asked about my blue shirt, it's from the Limited. I got it last Spring, so I don't think you'd be able to find it now. But the Limited always has similar styles of clothes, so I'm sure you'll be able to find something like it. I love it! Since my chest has shrunk (I went from 38DD to 34 C/D), I can now wear halters and v-necks! Just another perk of weight-loss... thought I know some girls would rather their chest not shrink ;)

Plans for tomorrow include 4.3 mile run, ab work, church, farmer's market, lowes for gardening supplies, and getting my planters ready for my garden!
Hope you all had a great Saturday!


  1. Super awesome looking day! I have to say that your dinner looked AMAZING!!!! Would love a recipe if you could give me one! Date Nights are wonderful and very much needed! You inspire me everyday to do better in every aspect of working out and eatting more healthy. Thanks for all you do!!!

  2. If you don't mind me asking, how much do you usually spend at the grocery store? Do you go weekly? I try really hard to eat healthy, especially being a diabetic, but it is so damn expensive. Hoping you had some tips!

  3. Hey Ash! A question this post brought to mind - I know a while back you were considering transitioning back to a vegetarian diet. I've been red meat free for over 5 years but I eat poultry a couple times a week. I also read your cooking blog and just wondered how often you eat meat/poultry on average during the week? Any plans to go vegetarian again in the future?

  4. Great job getting back on track. Both salads look yummy. I want to try that tofu!

  5. The shirt is adorable, its always nice when the hubs thinks I wear a smaller size then I actually me motivation to work into it!

    Score on the the clearance shelves!

  6. Good job of getting back on track yesterday!

    Seems like we've had the same kind of week :)

    Keep it up - next week will be better and you'll see the results!

  7. I think bats are the most rabies-carrying animal, an exterminator told me that. When he was at my place to get a bat out. :/
    Have you read Born To Run? It's awesome. Changes the entire way you think about and approach running!

  8. Hey, I have the same Martin Luther pint glass! Mine usually has beer in it though :)

  9. Congrats on your 7 miles!! You're gonna rock the River Run! We should try to run the bridges downtown next weekend :)

  10. Wow this post was awesome! I have the Nike+ but haven't ever used it since I love to run with my shuffle and it doesn't connect to it. What do you run with? Do you mind using something bigger than a shuffle like a touch or nano? Also those recipes look delish, can't wait to try them myself!

  11. That shirt is a reference to 'The Office' - i love it!! WTG on your 7 miles!

  12. you "let yourself go" by gaining .3 lbs? i've pooed .3 lbs you're doing great.