Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 25: What motivates you?

In the past few days, I've gotten quite a few emails asking me essentially the same thing, how do I stay motivated?

There are the overwhelming obvious reasons that continually keep me motivated - like the rising epidemic of obesity and the complications obese people face every day. Along with all of the other diseases that I could get because of family history (diabetes and heart disease being 2 big ones!)

The other things that keep me motivated are pretty random... Wanting to reach -100 pounds is a huge motivation. Right now it's probably highest on the list.
 Also, wanting to fit in single digit pants, wanting to feel better about my body, wanting to run a half marathon, wanting to make my family and friends proud of me, wanting to set a good example for fellow bloggers and readers, wanting to feel good about myself.... wanting to be proud of myself.

What motivates me WILL NOT motivate you... but it might! Motivation has to come from within. It absolutely is something you have to find in yourself. I was crazy overweight for 10 years... it took 10 years for it to finally snap in my brain. It's been really hard work, no doubt.... and I've lost motivation here and there... but I started this, and I wanted to see it through.
I highly recommend making a list for yourself of things that motivate you, look at it often.
Also, one of my biggest motivations - looking at old, fat photos!
When I look at that photo, how can I not feel motivated to get up and run!

Alright, if you have any other questions, shoot them to, I hope this answered the ladies who wrote me about motivation :)

So about my day... It was pretty normal for a Monday. A little slow and dragging. My knee is really sore today, so JJ just hooked me up to the TENS unit, and I'm doing stim on my knee (see post here about stim). It should help reduce the swelling. Because of this, I'm taking the night off. Tomorrow I have a meeting after work for The Bite Club, so hopefully I'll have time to work out after that.
I was careful to keep my calories low today since I'm not exercising!

And since you all seemed to love my Farmer's Market, here are some more photos from it that I took on Saturday. I especially love the palm trees in the background. I can't believe I live here!


I love Honey Man! He's Australian. Gallberry honey is so awesome, and he's the only person I've found locally that sells it! And he says "gallberry" with a funny accent!


Also, I'll get into it a bit more tomorrow, but my dad is in Guatemala with a group from church on a mission trip. If you're the praying type, please keep him and the group from LCR in your prayers :)


  1. Oh I wish I lived next to palm trees. I just had a huge rant on my blog about how much I hate winter.....Maybe I should look into moving somewhere warmer.... Then I could also go to the farmers market year round intead of just 3 months out of the year....

    oh how sweet it would be :)

  2. Oooh your palm trees make me jealous! It may sound funny, but one of the biggest things I miss about Savannah is the palm trees. We don't have any here in Raleigh :-(

  3. it is amazing no matter how far we may have come, sometimes its hard to be proud of that. The before pictures, as you saw, motivate me most of all. I remember how unhappy I was with my body...and know that I don't want to feel like that again.

    Hope the STIM helped!

  4. Thank you for your comment earlier. It does have to come from within.

    I will pray for your dad and the group. They are doing God's work which is awesome. Have you ever done a mission trip? I want to do one, outside of the US.

  5. I have a really hard time with motivation but one thing that gets me excited to get going again is a good workout! I always want to see how much better I can do the next time or how much further I can push myself. I'm jealous of the weather where you are!!