Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7: I thought I didn't need an ice scraper here?!

JJ was off today, so he offered to take my car, "The Piece" in for an oil change. The piece is up there in age, so she sleeps in the garage. This morning was the first time it got cold enough to freeze the cars, and of course, it was the morning I took JJ's car, "The Black Bean" to work. As I was scraping my car, I was temped to run inside and tell JJ he lied. He told me I wouldn't even need to keep my scraper living down here!

In honor of the cold weather, I decieded to blog some Christmas photos. Christmas Day was actually about 75 degrees and rainy... not what I'm used to!
My grandparents live in Ft. Meyers, and came here for Christmas. Here's one of Popie and my girls. For some reason all animals seem to love Popie!

My Grandma is a cookie monster, so I got her this cookie selection for her. She was thrilled!

JJ's favorite gift of the day was probably the giant bottle of Maker's Mark I got for him. Should last until next Christmas, I hope!

Pumpkin's favorite was this yellow stuffed monkey from Aunt Vickie. She played with it all day, and ripped it apart by bedtime.

One of my favorite gifts was this homemade cheesemaking kit from my mom. It makes ricotta and mozzarella. I'm really excited to try it out!  She also got me the scarf from a the Fair Trade craft fair.

Here's one of Popie, me and Grandma on Christmas Eve. Our church had a really nice service, and it was so nice to have them here with us.

So I want to thank you all for your face and hand cream suggestions. I'm going to definitely try out as many as I can. I'll stop by some cosmetic counters and ask for samples, and look for coupons for the kind I can find in the grocery store.

Today I had someone ask me about my weight-loss, and more importantly, the diet aspect of it.
For me, eating healthy was only a small part of the journey. The more important part for me was portion control. I could easily eat 2-3 portions of pasta each night along with tons of vegetables and 2 servings of beans or a lean protein and cheese. It seemed like healthy food, and most of it was, but it was just far too much. Cooking is a HUGE part of my weight loss. If you can control exactly what you put in your food and how much of it, you are really going to become so much more aware of the calories and portion size.

You can see everthing I ate as I lost weight by simply looking at the beginning of my food blog, and even up through today. I do eat more now that I did before, but mostly because I exercise more now, and I'm more in a maintenance area rather than a weight loss stage.... though I'm somewhat contemplating kicking it into gear and just working my butt off to lose the last 20. I kick that idea around a lot.

Ok, I feel like I'm starting to ramble now, so rather than ramble, I'm going to go watch the football game and do the first 3 circuits of No More Trouble Zones and Banish Fat Boost Metabolism... good night, it's almost FRIDAY!!!


  1. Every once in a while we go to Florida for Christmas to visit my aunt, uncle and cousin, and the warm weather just doesn't make me think "Christmas". It is always an odd feeling.

    And I'm feeling your ice scraping pain, I'm up in Georgia and we actually got snow today. Does the weather not realize we are in the dirty south?

  2. You can take a big cup of warm water out to your car and pour it on the windshield and you dont have to scrap it. Just a small tip, hope its helpful.

  3. Did you count calories as well or just use portion control? I'm keeping a food journal right now and that is helping me tremendously.

    Thank you so much for your blog. You are an excellent writer and a great inspiration. I enjoy it very much and, in fact, its keeping me very accountable.

    Wishing you all the best.

  4. My pup has that same stuffed monkey! I really struggle with portion control too. I love pasta and one serving just doesn't ever seem like enough. I'm trying to load up on more veggies so that I get fuller faster.

  5. Love the cheese kit! Your dogs are adorable! I just came across your blog and you are so funny! I love your cooking blog too!

  6. Your grandparents are cute! I asked for a food scale this year for Christmas to help me with portions (pasta especially). I would die without measuring cuts.