Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4: Monday... I don't like you.

Mondays are always hard... but something about Monday in January after the holidays and in the winter is just so awful. I woke up to a house at 57 degrees (we're anti-heat and air conditioning), so that made it even worse... I'm thinking we should at least set the heat at 60.
If it wasn't for the hot pot of coffee brewing, I might not have gotten out of bed. I decided to try out this new coffee my mom sent me. It's a Fair Trade, Organic coffee. I'm assuming she got this kind because I'm the middle sister, but also because it's a dark blend. The coffee was fantastic! Just what I needed. Belle thought she needed some too...
If you're interested in Lutheran World Relief Fair Trade Coffee, Tea and Chocolate, check this website! You can also check local Lutheran Churches, many sell the Fair Trade products every week or have special events.

Today was one of those days at work.... it was month end AND year end, which in the accounting world is no fun at all. It was really busy, full of hunting down numbers, finding out where they should be and where they were put... not fun! Since I just started in September, I still feel like I'm getting the hang of how things work, so it was quite a challenge. However, I do feel like I learned a lot (the hard way) and will be in a much better position to check myself at the end of each month and year. I guess it's all a learning curve. I take criticism really hard, and don't like to be wrong, so a few times I thought I was going to burst out in tears... but that's life. And it's all part of being a grown up.

When I got home, JJ told me the car battery had died because I left my iPod charger in the car all weekend. Seriously, between the charger and the Nike+ issues, I'm feeling like technology is turning on me!
We jumped my car off his, let it run for a while, got gas and ran an errand. By the time we were home and I made dinner, it was 8pm. I had intended on doing strength training, but I think I'm fried for the day both mentally and physically.
Tomorrow though, I am going to do No More Trouble Zones... which means I'm sure to have a sore butt and legs Wednesday! But it's a good sore.

So last week JJ got something VERY exciting in the mail, his Big 10 Championship ring!!!

It's very shiny and beautiful! It says Big Ten Champions on the front, then TR (trainer) on one side and Wetherington on the other. It's huge, but barely fits his giant finger!
If you weren't a reader when his team earned these rings, check this post out...

It's huge on me. But so shiny, I just can't take it off!

So as promised, here is my January playlist. I've got it bad for the New Moon soundtrack. And Sean Kingston. I'm kind of random like that.

Well I'm off to clean the kitchen and head to bed. Tomorrow is a very exciting day in my little world... I hope to get many awesome photos (if JJ's willing to oblige) of our big day!


  1. Sorry you had a rough day! Ironically, I just got home from the gym, and on my way here, I was thinking that I needed to ask around to see what some runners have on their playlists! I got an ipod for Christmas, and so far all I've put on there is Christmas music and the new U2 CD. I'll have to download some of these! :)

  2. I hate days like that. I'm loving that play list.... especially Journey and Matchbox 20!

  3. I think this Monday can go down as one of the worst for at least a couple people I know. The good news is, we have at least one bad day out of the way already! Bring on the rest of 2010, right?!

    Love your playlist. Technology turned on me in a BIG WAY and I seem to have lost around 800 songs off of my iPod and computer. OUCH. I'll be back to steal more song ideas from you!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. It feels good to have my iFriends reaching out to me right now. *squeeze* And I considered you one of my first!

  4. So why are you guys anti heat and air? I know that our furnace is out right now and I couldn't stay at home. It is SO cold that I don't do anything but sit under blankets!!

    Love the ring! I can't imagine how awesome it is to earn something like that.

  5. I love that you're posting your playlist!

    I totally understand being emotionally drained from work-hope today is better!

  6. I pretty much hate Mondays too. They ALWAYS suck for me and I always end up doing something wrong, usually food-wise. But I refuse to quit!

    I have tons of moments where I too, feel like crying at work, it's SO embarassing because you feel like everyone's looking at you. I hope tommorow goes better for you!



  7. Bad days suck! I am sorry your day was rough. I am doing No More Trouble Zones tomorrow and I am already scared. :)

  8. Wow! My husband was psuedo-lecturing our 10 year old son on the small, small, small number of people who are fortunate enough to play big 10 college football, let alone make it to the NFL. Basically, it was a response to our son's insistence that school is boring and that he doesn't even need any of that readin' and writin' and addn' and subtrackn' because he is going to be a professional football player. I can't wait to show my little man the photo of "the ring."

    Thanks for sharing.

    Your husband is a very, very talented and fortunate athlete! KUDOS!

    My Most Sincere Admiration,

    Denise Burks