Monday, March 1, 2010

Mickey in the mail

I got the most exciting piece of mail today!!! It's my travel arrangements :)
Disney really does go out of their way when you're staying there to make a great impression!

Today I feel much better. It's Monday though... so can it really be that good???
For dinner, my in-laws took us to Olive Garden. Dinner was great!

Tomorrow is my next Bite Club event, so it will be a busy and late night, I'll do my best to get a post up. 
Wednesday, I will have my next Oats of the Month post.


  1. So glad you're feeling better!!

    And it looks like you're going to have an awesome, awesome time!

  2. I am so excited for you! You are going to have a blast and I am sure the adrenaline will really kick in during the race. I heard about a local 10K in my town, but we are leaving for Ireland on the same day, so I can't do it. I always did races back in Portland so I would love to find some here. I am excited to be back in Portland next year and do some more. Maybe the Turkey Trot again if I stay in Portland for Thanksgiving. The free zoo entrance at the end of the race was awesome and I felt so healthy from doing the run that I didn't eat too much for dinner.

    Glad you are starting to feel better! :0)

  3. Yeah....makes it even more official!!! Glad you are feeling better...hope today is even better!

  4. Glad you are feeling better! I got excited for you just seeing Mickey! :)

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  6. Hi Ash!

    What a cute package and how very exciting! You are going to do so great, I can't wait for the recap.

    I had a giveaway on my blog where I gave away a t-shirt that was featured at the last expo for the Disney full marathon, it's from I talked to debbie yesterday and she said she is doing the expo for the half as well. If you are interested in a runningprincess t-shirt she will be there. just thought I would let you know!

  7. Ooooooo, you must be getting excited!!