Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beautiful girls, all over the world...

So last night while watching basketball, I completely passed out on the sofa. I think it was around 9:30. I woke up at 11, and made myself get up and go to bed. My bed is like... 25 feet from the couch, but it was hard work! This morning I woke up at 7:30 with all 3 dogs in bed with me. So I didn't blog last night, didn't put the dogs in their houses, and slept 10 hours. What?! I guess I was really tired and needed the rest. 

So let's rewind to last night. It was absolutely gorgeous outside, so I made this delicious dinner and ate al fresco (that means outside, right?) Anyway, these recipes will be up on the cooking blog soon! Which reminds me, shameless plug time - I just ordered another 10 cookbooks, so if anyone is interested in purchasing one of my cookbooks, shoot me an email. I don't make any money off the books because all of the recipes are online in my blog, it's just something nice to have and a lot easier than looking up a recipe online every time you need it. I'm constantly using it for my own sugar cookie recipe! 

In the last post, someone asked if I eat before I run. Personally, I tend to get cramps if I eat or drink much before a run, so it depends on the run. When it's 6+ miles, I'll eat a banana, take a few sips of water and then go. If it's less than 6 miles, I prefer to run on an empty stomach. This morning, I had half a banana, some water, and then set out on my run. It was gorgeous out this morning, I had a really nice, calm, relaxing run. However, my lower back muscles were really sore, so I need to do some stretching tonight. I want to just lay in child's pose for an hour! 

*Random Tangent*
Right now my absolute favorite song for running is "Nothin' On You" by B.O.B. featuring Bruno Mars. It's so so so good. But always stuck in my head.
Another great one is "Whattya Want From Me" by Adam Lambert. 
And for not running, zen stuff, Mat Kearney is who I'm listening to. 

After my run, I ate a blueberry chobani, another banana (they were small) and lots of water. It was pretty warm and I sweat a lot, so I knew 2 bananas plus water would help with the dehydrating and electrolyte recovery. 

Then I showered and set out on my morning assignment, to observe (and take part in) another cooking class for kids for the article I'm writing. This one was at Publix's Apron's Cooking School. It was an Easter family cooking class. 
On the menu:
Peanut Brittle

Butterscotch and Chow Mein Noodle Birds Nests

Fruit Salad Bunnies

Rice Krispie Eggs and Aquarium Jello

And for a good laugh, me with the Easter Eggs Chef Patrick let me dye...

Yeah, I got to keep the hat! 
And I never wrote with all colors of crayon on eggs, they look pretty cool! We used to only use white crayons... but apparently any color works! 

After cooking school, I did my food shopping at Publix. Then I went to Whole Foods for the rest of my food shop. It was already 1:30pm, and my stomach was growling, so rather than make a lunch, I grabbed some Cucumber and Avocado rolls and had 2 egg whites. The rolls were fantastic, lots of delicious avocado! 

After lunch, I went outside to check on the dogs, and Pumpkin had a mole that she has been tracking and trying to dig up for weeks. It didn't make it... which made me so sad. But then I realized that it meant Pumpkin might not dig up the yard anymore... so I was a little relieved. The mole is currently under a bucket because I don't want to touch it. JJ's going to have to take care of that.  :( 

I decided to go out and run some errands. I just happened to end up at the Town Center... and Mochi... 

This week they had Almond and New York Cheesecake, so I sampled both of those, then got a cup of regular with kiwi, blueberries, mango and blackberries. It was 12 oz., so about $5. Not cheap, but the berries  make it worth it. And I estimate this cup is only about 200 calories, totally worth it! 

I also ended up at Old Navy. They had some amazing sales going on this weekend! I got myself a cardigan to wear with the dresses I got, and then a shirt and some Bermuda shorts. I got some cute stuff for JJ, hopefully he'll like what I selected! He's not much of a shopper, he'd rather have me pick everything out and dress him when we go out, so it's easier this way. 

When I got home, I had a lot of work to do in the kitchen to prep some meals for this week. Now that I'm going to the gym right after work, I don't get home until about 7pm. It's nice to have more things made ahead of time and ready to go. I made pierogis, extra pumpkin ravioli, and pumpkin pasta.

I started dinner with a giant salad - spring mix, tomatoes, snap peas, goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette.

And pumpkin ravioli in a leek and vegetable broth. It was delicious, and will be on the blog soon! 

Well I'm going to go read my new Vegetarian Times and then do some laundry. Hopefully I'll make it to my bed tonight :) I'm planning on a 4-ish mile run in the morning, then church, farmer's market, errands and dinner with Leah and Jay tomorrow night. 
Hope you have a lovely weekend  :)


  1. Oh my.. I totally remember making those little birds nests out of chow mein noodles when I was little! It is soo funny because I was just trying to think up some ideas for some easter treats..

    Love your site!


  2. Mmm your salads look amazing! I can't eat or drink before I run either, but if I don't drink any water throughout the day I get cramps too! Its a delicate balance :)

  3. I love that song!! and ur blog :)

  4. I love your salads! You should make a book about salads. I love them but I dont have many ideas to mix them up so you give me some great ideas and I tried some of them and they always turn out delicious.
    A song I love to run to is Before We Come Undone by Kris Allen, you should check it out.
    Love ur blog!