Sunday, March 28, 2010

Watch out, here come the geese!

I started out my morning with a nice 4.25 mile run. It was a great run, nice and steady around the neighborhood. As the weather gets warmer, I'm sweating more and more though, so I'm going to really need to keep myself hydrated and keep the electrolyte levels up. 

Breakfast was a banana, strawberry oikos, and 2 giant cups of water. I read a few chapters of my book, did a little work in the yard, and then woke JJ up so we could go to church and the farmer's market.

For lunch, he suggested Ruby Tuesday  for salad bar. Yes, please! 
His plate is on top, mine is on the bottom. I had salad mix, edamame, peas, garbanzo beans, beets, tomatoes, red bell pepper, feta, cottage cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, and a few croutons. My second plate was grapes, apples, some more bell peppers and tomatoes. Yum! 

At the Farmer's Market, I mostly got peppers! Tons of red bell peppers, green bell peppers, poblanos, jalapenos, red onion, zucchini, tomatillos, and plums. 

When we got home, I did a little bit of work in the garden. I meant to get a trellis for my peas, but forgot... again... so JJ said I could just use some twigs for now (bottom left). I know, it's pretty sad... but it works! I can't believe how great the garden is growing. I planted it about a month ago.

While I was in the garden, I noticed the ducks head to the front yard area, so I grabbed some tortillas (I had a ton of extra) and I fed them. In my front yard!!! JJ snapped some photos, and took video... haha

When I wasn't paying attention, the geese started to venture over. I HATE geese, they're mean and scary... but these guys were pretty timid. The ducks actually chased them away after a while! 

For dinner, Leah and Jay came over. I made roasted tomatillo enchiladas with rice and a chopped TexMex Salad, which I totally forgot to photograph. We have leftovers though, so I'll get that photographed and blogged tomorrow, hopefully! Sometimes I just space out and forget photos and such when we have dinner guests. 
Oh well, that's life! 
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Roasted tomatillo enchiladas... yum!! Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

  2. I love RTs salad bar! Best meal ever. Your garden looks great and that colorful pepper variety you picked up is awesome!

  3. Your garden is looking beautiful! I'm so jealous you have a yard :)

  4. I'm jealous of your garden!! You're so domestic :)

  5. Your're stomach looks sooo flat in those pics! Pretty sure you're my motivation to keep working out!

  6. I'll have to send my dacshund down to chase away your geese. We have two 1 acre ponds on our property and a TON of geese visit every year. I don't mind them so much, but they poop everywhere and make a huge mess. We taught our dog to chase them away and that seems to at least keep them in the fields and away from our lawns.