Saturday, March 13, 2010

River Run 15k Results!

This morning JJ dropped me off at Lou's house around 6:00am. We drove to Julie's, and she drove Josh, Lou and I to the race. We hung out in the race celebration area for about an hour, stretched and got loose, and then we walked over to the start. It was pretty warm out when we started, which worried me a bit. I knew I would end up sweating a ridiculous amount, and would need tons of water and electrolytes during the race. 

The first 4 miles were easy, but there was so much traffic! We crossed the start line around 8 minutes in, and it was just packed. I was having to weave in and out and all over the place. Around mile 5, I was getting really tired and I was so hot. I felt like I was melting! I stopped at the water stop and had a cup of water and a Cliff Shot. I felt much better after that! 
After we hit mile 8, we were going up the Hart Bridge, or the "Hartbreak" bridge, as it's known in the race. It was tough, but honestly, it's very similar to the last bridge in the Cincinnati Thanksgiving 10k course. Since it's at mile 8, it's harder, but it was a little bit longer. I actually liked it because I'm pretty good with bridges, and then what goes up goes down... so the last mile was a gradual downhill. It was awesome! I really picked up the pace then and finished really strong! I saw my mom and Becks right before I hit the finish line, which was awesome! 

So here's what my Nike+ recorded, I forgot to turn it off when I hit the finish line, so I think I was around 1:48. I wish I could have gone a bit faster, but it was impossible with the traffic. I hate to be mean, but the walkers need to go to the back!!! If you know you're going to walk (and especially if you're walking 4 wide), you need to let the runners start before you! But whatever, I knew I wasn't running for time, just to finish. I actually felt great as far as having run a half marathon last weekend! 

Here's one of Lou and I after we got our medals! Two medals in a row, love it! 

Here's one of mom and I. Geez, I look like crap! Haha.

After the run, we went home, showered and set out for the day in St. Augustine. 
First we went to Crispers for lunch. I had the Asian Chop Salad and the Butternut Squash soup. With tons of unsweetened iced tea! 

Then we went to JJ's baseball game and watched a few innings. Then we went and played putt-putt golf. I won! This weekend was creepily similar to last (running a race, putt-putt golf, baseball game...)

Ugh, can't wait to lose the last 20 lbs. and get rid of those thighs! 

After our day in St. Augustine, my mom wanted to take us out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. 
I looked at the case, and for some reason, nothing looked good. Seriously! 

However, Sangria was calling my name. It made the half an hour wait for a table not so bad!

When we got to our table, the menu was daunting! I hate but love the extensive menu.
I kind of hit the bread hard at the table, so I went for a salad and then a side salad. I love me some salad!

I went for the Caramelized Pear and Endive Salad off the weight management menu. Then I also had the roasted beet, arugula and goat cheese small bites plate. I also had 6 giant cups of water. 

Becks ordered the carrot cake cheesecake, I had a bite, but just didn't want something so unhealthy and heavy. My mom and I stopped by the fro-yo place and I had some peanut butter fro yo with lots of fruit, it was delicious and I felt great about having it.

So today was fun, the race was good, the traffic was crappy, and I'm proud of myself for 2 big races 2 weekends in a row.
 Now I'm ready to get back on the weight loss wagon and get this done! I can tell that losing 20 lbs. would make running so much easier and I know I could pick up some time. 
Ok, exhaustion has set in and I'm rambling, so I'm out. 


  1. You did awesome on your race - congratulations!!!

    And for what it's worth - I think your thighs look completely fine. They just pulled you through a 13.1mi race, as well as another 9.3mi race. :) Yay for them!

  2. Way to rock another race Ash! :) Great job.

  3. Congrats on accomplishing another race! I am trying to go back to more calorie counting/food measuring as well. I eat a lot more sweets and chocolate here in Germany than I ever did in the US, so I need to counterbalance with some good eating for awhile!

  4. congrats on completing another race!! great job. all that food looks YUMMY!
    i'm at my ideal weight and still hate my thighs - well, legs in general. guess we'll never be perfect :-/

  5. Congrats on 2 great races in a row! And I second Stephanie's thigh comment, sometimes no matter what weight you are, that 1 part of your body will never be good in your eyes. Mine are my thighs as well.

  6. Congrats! You did awesome.

    I completely agree with you, on walkers!

  7. Great job, Ash! Do you read She just posted on a Shamrock run she did with very similar walker complaints. I ran my last 5k, but was waaaay in the back just knowing we would be some of the slowest. It is very inconsiderate to start up front knowing you're not going for time! Perhaps they should include that information in all the pre-race stuff they send out. Hmmm. Anyhow - great job!

  8. Having goals to work toward is so important in any fitness regime, and you did an awesome job on setting the bar high and going for it.

    Congratulations again - that's a cool looking medal.

  9. congrats! back to back races is impressive!

  10. Awesome job! Sounds like you had a great day :)

  11. Great job, and congratulations! Two races in a row is a huge accomplishment!

  12. Awesome job! You rock! I need to start working on my thighs too :(

  13. Congratulations!!! And congratulations on the 13.1!

  14. Great job!!

    Peanut butter fro-yo with fruit sounds soo tasty!

    Melissa H.

  15. Way to go Ashlee! That pear salad sounds amazing! Great choices!

    We just watched the Hangover last night, funny stuff!

  16. Congrats! Two races in two weekends is awesome!