Thursday, March 4, 2010


So after I wrote the last post, I was getting ready to head home. First I checked Hal Higdon's half marathon training plan, just to see what he says. In both the Novice and Intermediate, he has you run 2 miles the Thursday before the Half, so I was ready to do 2. I had my workout clothes in my office with me, so I figured I'd change at work so when I got home I could park my car in the driveway and go, the dogs wouldn't even know I was home! I usually get home, let them out to the bathroom, then they want to eat, and then I have to wait for them to go to the bathroom again, so it takes at least half an hour to get going, and by then, I just don't. So this method worked out great! They had no idea I was there, and I didn't feel guilty leaving them.

On my way home, Crissy sent me this text! It made me smile :) And it kept me accountable! I seriously am so happy that Crissy and I are getting to do this half together. She was one of the first strangers to read my blog when it started 2 years ago, and we became friends quickly thereafter! 

It felt like I was running so so so slow. But then about .5 miles in, I looked at my pace and it was pretty fast, just under 10 minute miles! I don't know why I felt like I was going so slow... 
Anyway, I decided to stop at 2 miles, and walk the last quarter mile. It felt great, after those 2 miles, I felt warmed up and ready to keep going! My body has definitely bounced back and is ready to go! I think I'll do great with a 11 minute mile pace. I think I'll probably average 10:30 for the first few, then 11 for the bulk of the race, and then in the last few, I'm sure I'll be closer to 11:30.

And just in case my iPod and Nike+ didn't cooperate, I took some photos...

I hate how workout pants give me a muffin top! I have to get them really tight so they don't fall down, but then I get the icky muffin top. I try to find pants with drawstring waists, but the yoga pants from Old Navy are always just elastic. My Under Armour ones are drawstrings though, and their my favorite. 

So today I got a church newsletter email, and it said the Newberry College Choir is coming to do a concert at church Sunday night, and 2 of the girls needed hosts... so I emailed the pastor back and said send 'em here! It's good because it gives me incentive to clean the house well tomorrow night before we leave for Disney. We should get home early afternoon Sunday after the Half Marathon, so I am pretty sure I'll be too exhausted to do anything then. I will be cooking dinner for them, so I'm trying to decide what to make. Part of me wants to make something really awesome and homey, but I know I'll be really tired... hmmm. I'm considering buying a turkey breast and doing some turkey and stuffing and veggies, you know... Mini-Thanksgiving.... At least then we'll have some leftovers for the week!

Well I hope you all have a wonderful Friday, I'll get another post or two in before we leave for Disney, but I won't blog until after I get back. I think you can track me on the Disney website, so if I can, I'll post my bib# if I can blog with JJ's iTouch. 
He should be home in a few minutes, and we'll be able to start The Office, I'm waiting for him to get home to start it, and it's killing me! 


  1. friends are so great for holding you accountable!! good job on your run and GOOD LUCK SATURDAY!!

  2. Great job on the run - and enjoy it! You're going to do great!

  3. I am so proud of you! You are going to do great.

    I get to workout pant muffin top, too. : /

  4. I am SO PROUD of you!!! Great job sticking to the plan and pushing through. You're awesome. A+ to Chrissy for texting you! Have a great time in Disney!! We'll be rooting for your from Jersey. Good luck!

  5. YAY! Way to go getting that run in. Sounds like you find a good method.

    I get that with some pants too. The one's that don't give a muffin top are usually too lose then they fall down - which is even more annoying.

    I went out for a run yesterday and I felt like I was SUPER slow. Then I checked my Garmin and my pace was actually quite decent. If I hadn't been wearing it I probably would have felt very discouraged.

  6. Great job! And, what an awesome idea to trick the pups. I'm gonna have to try that with mine! I always feel so guilty!

  7. Great job getting the run in. So nice to have friends to encourage you along the way :)

  8. Way to go girl!! Hope you have an awesome time this weekend. Think of all of us rooting for you!!!!!!! Good luck.

  9. Good luck this weekend Ashlee...I'll be thinking of you!!! Rock that half!