Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring forward

This morning I got up at 6:30, which was really 7:30 when JJ reminded me we need to spring forward. I am surprised I was up so early, but I did go to bed at 10. My body felt tired, but not sore. Becky wanted to go for a run, so I told her I'd go, but I don't run as fast as her. I ran 3.75 miles, then saw JJ leaving for work at the end of the neighborhood, so I stopped and talked to him, then walked the rest of the way home. When I was finished, I was tired, but I felt pretty good!

My mom, Becky and I went to church, then to lunch at Mama Fu's, then to the Farmer's Market. Then it was time for them to go :( My grandparents live in the Ft. Myers area, so we met in Orlando and my mom and Becky left with them to spend the rest of the week at their house. It was fun having them here, but after this weekend, I'm so completely exhausted!

JJ went and picked up Chinese food and ice cream for us for dinner, so I had steamed veggies, chicken and broccoli and some rice. It was weird having lunch and dinner out two days in a row! That will be the last of my eating out for a long, long time.

As I've mentioned, I'm ready to really get going with losing the last 15-20 lbs. I'll still continue to run, but I also want to do more strength training and other workouts. I'm going to keep a food journal, and I'm going to be recording everything daily. Two months from today is my 25th birthday, so I hope that I'll be 15 lbs. down. I'm excited! I'm ready to spring forward into fitness and really eating healthy and sensibly.

I'm off to bed now, I'm so tired!
I was loading my photos onto the computer and found this, Becky had my camera on video setting rather than photos, so here's my right at the finish line of the race yesterday!


  1. Ash you are an inspiration! I wish you the best with losing the last few pounds! Great job! I am going to be trying (really this time!) to get into shape myself. Hoping to start the Couch to 5K tomorrow. Will keep checking your blog! You have great tips & food ideas too!

    Melissa H

  2. I'm so jealous. Looks like you guys had a great time. Can't wait to come down next month!

  3. I am right there with you trying to kick it back up in high gear to lose these last 15-20 lbs. Good luck and I'm looking forward to watching your journey!

  4. Hey pretty lady! I'm with you as my best friend's wedding is in 54 days and i'd love to be down at least 5 lbs but really 10 lbs! I'm focusing on running and lifting between now and then and WATCHING tohe food as I know it's 80% food and 20% gym!

  5. Best of luck.
    I hate strength training so much, but changing up my routine has finally made the scale move!

  6. You are a running machine!! I am jealous.
    Congrats on your race.

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