Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bite, bite, bite, full?

So I'm feeling back to normal, and so happy about that. I've had 3 days off on the exercise front, tomorrow I'll be doing No More Trouble Zones, Thursday will be a 4 mile bridges run after work, and Friday and Saturday will be off days. I hope I'm resting enough, but also working out enough to keep my legs strong. 

Tonight was the Bite Club event, it was a great success! It's been so much fun hosting, and I can't believe how fast it's grown in popularity. But really, why not - it's free food, sometimes alcohol, and a fun time! 
One of the girls I met at the first event and I are Facebook friends. She has run many half marathons, so I told her we'd have to sit together tonight so she could give me some words of wisdom. She recommended having a big spoonful of peanut butter and a banana for breakfast to avoid cramps and keep me full. She also gave me a lot of words of encouragement, so I'm feeling great!  (she's next to me in the photo below)

One of the things I've noticed with Bite Club events is I eat bites of many things, but don't really ever feel full. And I know I shouldn't feel stuffed ever, but full is ok. I think part of this is because I take small bites of rich food, and don't have any big, leafy vegetables or fiber filled beans and squash like I normally do with dinner.

At the same time, it gets my rich-food-fix in for the month, and it's all small bites, so I get that rich dinner without the guilt of a fatty meal. 

I've decided, after many recommendations, to not worry about calorie counting for the next 10 days (when I'll be running the half and a 15k), and to just eat healthy and stay fueled. However, after the 15k, I am going to go back to food journaling and calorie counting until I lose the last 15 lbs. It's not fun to keep track in the journal and count calories, but it works. It really, really does. 
If I lose any weight in the next 10 days, great. If not, that's ok too. I'll have run 2 major races, and I'll be proud of that :) but I still want to lose the rest... so calorie counting it is! 

Ok, I'm off to bed. 
Oats of the month tomorrow, I've been loving them this week! 


  1. That 1st dish looks so good! I love the PB & banana combo....one of my favorite type of sandwiches!

  2. I think you will do great! I read blogs by hard core runners and they need to eat a ton a food to fuel themselves, so I'm sure you are doing everything right! And I can only imagine the muscle you are building too! Good luck!!

  3. The bite club looks so cool! I have faith in you for the 15k and the half marathon. So great that you're doing those!

  4. Can't wait for oats of the month and I think not calorie counting for these 10 days is smart. Just listen to your body.