Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Frosty Mug!

Today has been a little better, but a little worse. Yesterday I was sore and tired all over, today I'm only really sore in my calves... but I'm still really tired. I wish I had a morning to sleep in between now and the next race! I'm trying to get to bed early, but it's not that easy! 
Tonight when I got home from work, I remembered I stashed the only souvinier I bought from Disney in the freezer - a child's frosty mug! I grabbed a few bottles of powerade after the race, and I've been drinking them diluted with water since Sunday. It's much more fun drinking from this cup! Though I could really go for a beer in there... I'll need to pick up some Guiness this weekend :) 

For dinner I made coconut tofu nuggets and a repeat of the quinoa salad from last weekend. I'm going to get these blogged tomorrow on the cooking blog. 

I'm so sleepy, I'm off to bed. First, I need to drink a very large glass of ice water... I'm feeling a little dehydrated. I hate drinking a big cup of water before bed because I always have to get up around 3 or 4 to go to the bathroom, but it's necessary tonight!
Tomorrow night, I hope I can muster the energy to do either a shred or some light strength training, then I want to also clean the house to prepare for mom and becky's arrival on Friday! 


  1. Mmmm Guiness! I've never had it any way but on tap... is it good from a can?

    And these are well-deserved days off! :)

  2. LOL... something seems wrong about drinking a Guiness from a child's frosty Mickey Mouse mug, but I say go for it! :-D

  3. Aw, so so so glad you had a goof half marathon - so proud of you :) Sorry I didn't comment earlier, I've been a little MIA.....

    Anyway, keep it up honey :) you must feel amazing!

  4. I hope you got some sleep!

    That frosty mug looks fun :)