Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

Today was a snafu. All of my plans changed, I had some scheduling conflicts, and I didn't get to go to the gym (and to be totally honest, my shoulders/chest are still pretty sore from body pump on Tuesday, and that's the class I was going to go to). I was going to work out at home (NMTZ), but as the night went on, it just didn't happen. I'm mad at myself for not working out, but I think I needed a night off. I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow though. There are no classes on Friday evening, but I could go do a cardio machine. I'm planning on a 6 mile run Saturday morning so if I do go, I need to take it easy. Perhaps I'll go elliptical for an hour... we'll see!

On the bright side, I had to stop by the store to get a bag of dog food because I remembered we were out. I grabbed 2 Cadbury Creme Eggs impulsively, got the dog food, and then had a change of heart and put them back before I checked out.
Baby steps!
This is exactly why I never go to the store unless it's for my weekly food shop... too much temptation to just grab stuff I don't need or want!
I'm so ready for the weekend...


  1. Excellent show of self control! I'm so bad with saying no to things that are only around for a special season! Good job!

  2. I know I'm not helping but Cadbury Cream Eggs are so good and only come around one time a year! Ok, well I feel like I see them more than Easter but they are only real at Easter. Can you tell I haven't had my fix yet? I did stumble across an open bag of their mini eggs (my fav) and managed to only eat two.

  3. Good job putting back the eggs. I am trying to focus on staying on track this weekend...pass some of that willpower to me!

    have a great Friday Ash!

  4. Happy Friday!!!

    Great self control with the eggs. If I am craving mini eggs (my fav) I only buy the small bags because I will plow through the large bags no problem.

  5. You can go elliptical for an hour!?!? My feet totally start to go numb at about the 20 minute mark-how do you keep going?