Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rain or shine

I woke up this morning around 8am, which is much later than usual. I think I needed the sleep though, yesterday was a long day! It was warm and overcast out, so I decided to go for a 4.5 mile run, hoping to beat the rain. At first I was thinking I should do 7 or 8, but when I run that far, I get so hungry or feel sick and have to recover. Now that I'm in weight-loss running mode, I need to keep my runs around 4-6 miles, where I get a great  calorie burn, but still have energy and can keep my calories low for the day. So that is just what I did! 

I ate breakfast outside while reading my newest organic gardening issue. It makes me wish I had acres of land and rich soil, but I do what I can! 

Then I went to church, Starbucks, and the Farmer's Market. Around 10, the sky opened up and it started pouring. I was worried the farmer's market would be empty, but my favorite sellers were there with their goods! There were only 2 vendors there! But they told me they're always there, rain or shine! 

Here's what I came home with for $22 - red bell peppers, tomatoes, lemons, Japanese eggplant, limes, pears, apples, zucchini, squash and an onion! I grabbed the Heirloom tomatoes in whole foods since they didn't have any at the market. 

When I got home, I decided to do some cleaning and decorating with the stuff I got for Spring! I love Spring, Easter, Bunnies, Chicks, Flowers... love it all! 

Since my china is pink flowers, I set the dining room table with the dessert plates. I love them :) 

So I contemplated just buying the expensive race photos, but when I was at Michaels, I found these shadow boxes for $12. I decided rather than spend $23 per photo, I'd spend $12 and make a box with my medals and other trinkets from each race. I think whenever I run a race where I get a medal, I'll make a shadow box. I'll probably put these in the office where JJ has his millions of plaques and things from all of his athletics.

For dinner tonight, I made a salad with tofu croutons and curry dressing, and then I had a baked sweet potato  with greek yogurt, cinnamon and honey. It was pretty good! 

This afternoon, I visited the YMCA. It is absolutely gorgeous! The cardio room is huge, and the weight room is even bigger. There are tons of tennis courts and a decent pool. I am going to go to some classes this week and make sure I want to join, but I'm 99% sure that I will. I need to get some new, fun exercise into my routine, and I want to try spinning... which is the class I'm going to tomorrow! 

So for coupons! Every week I buy a Sunday paper, if it has some good coupons, I'll buy 2 or 3. I also use for printables. I am on mailing lists for so many companies, like Horizon, Stonyfield Farms, Organic Valley, Kraft, Contandina, Muellers, Barilla, etc. I try to sign up for as many newsletter type things as possible, they always have great coupons. Also, I look for peelie coupons on products. Muir Glen (organic tomatoes) always have peel off coupons, as does Organic Valley and Cascadian Farms. Publix also takes competitor coupons, so any time I see coupons for Food Lion or Winn Dixie, I can use them there. 
It's always important to look at any buy one get one free items, and try to match coupons, that's where the most money is saved. 

Hope you all had a great weekend, I'm off to watch New Moon, I finally figured out how to work our TV / reciever / bluray player! JJ's going to have to have orientation for me :) 


  1. Oh my goodness!! I love those shadow boxes and have been wanting to do the same thing since I started running but am never able to find them anywhere... yours look awesome and I am really happy to be in one :)

  2. is your farmers market year round?? mine doesn't open up for a few weeks.. jealous!

  3. Amazing groceries for such little money! I love the shadow boxes, what a creative idea :)

  4. I love your shadow box idea. I think they look great and they are really interesting to look at!

  5. Those veggies look so good! I love the idea of doing a shadow-box I think I might do it for my 1st half.

  6. Hi Ash! Looks like you had a great weekend! Love the shadowboxes...great idea going with those.

    I am amazed at all the fresh produce you go thru every week...that is awesome and so good for you. I think I will try to find a farmers market around here this summer and see what we can find. We grilled out on Saturday and made mushroom, onion and red/green/yellow peppers in foil with some was amazing! 1st time I have had the other peppers besides green...and I really enjoyed them!

  7. Are you going to the Brooks YMCA? That place is so nice!

    And I love your shadowboxes! I've been wanting to do that with my race medals :)

  8. What a cool idea with those shadow boxes!

  9. I'm so excited for summer to come so I can go to the farmers market :) I also sign up to a farm share so I get to pick up my veg from an organic farm once a week - it's fantastic.

    Sounds like you had a good sunday :)

  10. Your Farmer's Market loot looks so yummy!

  11. Don't know if anyone has asked this before on previous posts but do you eat anything before heading out on your run or do you eat breakfast after? I always feel weird running/exercising on an empty stomach. Thanks